Friday, October 2, 2009

Exambaba launched

About Exambaba
In our institute(IIT Bombay), every year there are more than three thousand exam papers composed by our professors. For the previous 50 years there is no database for the endless number of papers that professors have created, and all gems of questions that were composed by them cannot be accessed by current students. These question papers contain the essence of the courses as these questions test the students on their overall knowledge of the course.

By ExamBaba, what we plan to do is create an archive for these question papers along with a dynamic discussion where students can post their doubts, queries, alternative solutions regarding the questions. This will be very helpful in the long run as all papers can be collected at one place, giving students a much larger base for practice questions hence increasing the knowledge base.

Many professors provide their papers already, and this will only build up on that far more efficiently. This will finally benefit the students who will be able to prepare better for exams and also increase their understanding of the subject.

We feel our added database would not only add value to our IIT-Bombay academics, but also other colleges too, which have a common curriculum.

We hope you will utilize this paper archive and will post doubts, queries and alternative solutions regarding the questions. If you feel we helped you out, please spread the word about this site.
What we are getting from this website is knowledge, experience and hopefully your best wishes!

So enjoy ExamBaba, have fun!

Rahul Yadav


Unknown said...

kindly contact me this link. Iam interested to know more about your website.

its always good to meet interesting people.

warm regards :)

pankaj karnwal said...

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